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The Pysa Noël Show #PNS

Pysa Noël

Welcome to The Pysa Noël Show (#PNS), a talk show based in L.A., CA, where most of the guests reside. Pysa is a former professional dancer turned talk show creator whom, throughout her journey, has met fascinating people with incredible stories. PNS Season 1 stories include each guest's LA lifestyle &/or journey through the LA Entertainment Industry, while Season 2 will venture out a bit more. PNS’s purpose is to inspire, teach, & motivate listeners as the guests openly & authentically share their experiences, highs & lows, lessons, & tips. Last but not least, on The Pysa Noël Show, we will always "find that laugh," which means that each episode will have at least a sprinkle of humor! Let's elevate & laugh, “y’all!” *Talk Show *LA, CA *Candid *Fun